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Account Manager™ Lite

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Automated User/Member Signup NOTE: Automated User Approval available in our Professional series Account Manager.
Administration approval/denial control panel
Automatic addition/deletion to .htpasswd/.nsconfig files
Confirmation e-mail sent
Form fields checked for completion
Account Finder for lost Username/Passwords
Customizable Header and Footer information, to match your website theme and graphics
Edit user account information via Control Panel
Attention NT users. Your web server software must support .htaccess. IIs (Microsoft) does NOT support .thaccess. Apache for Windows does support .htaccess.

Account Manager Lite is designed to offer the basic functions of our full featured Account Manager, without crippling your usage in any way. There are no time limits, just a few less options than our Professional Series version.

Download Account Manager Lite 
Unix Server Version  |  Windows Server Version

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"With no experience of Perl, although I have been a software engineer for over 20 years, I found this quite easy to set up. I added a second secure area in 15 minutes. The only problem I had was an additional ISP requirement in my .htaccess file. If you read the documentation carefully it should be a breeze."

John Farrell
The 4TN Network
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