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Membership Software

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Account Manager Professional Version 2.0 is here!
Over 100 upgrades and counting! Easy to configure and maintain.

2.0 is here! Version 2.0 is here!
PLATFORM: Unix/Linux/Windows/MAC servers
NEW RELEASE!: 2.09.00P

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$59.00 Qty

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Key Features

Seamless and automatic upgrade from version 1.0x
Recurring Billing( only as of this release)
Unlimited account types
Account specific configurations for user groups, automatic/manual approval, pre-approval emails, email connfirmation requirements, account length, account charges, billing cycle, customer edit credit card info., response to successful and unsuccessful registration attempts, automated email to remind of expiring accounts (non-recurring accounts), and more!
Day-at-a-glance sales/income totals
Unlimited user "groups". Provide access to multiple directories to different members.
"Individual" group option. Give your members access to their own private directory, unique to their username. Only they can access it.
All configurations and fuctions made from administration panel. No text files to edit.
Customizable templates for all HTML and Email responses, including personalization fields. Example: "Hello [FIRST_NAME]"
New administration interface
Mass mail members with personalization fields. Example: "Hello [FIRST_NAME]"
New administration login. Displays release information and links to download updates.
New News Updates section. Important security or release information provided. Pop-up notification of important updates.
New session management system. Provides a higher level of administration security.
Stronger encryption of member and administrator passwords
Automatic directory protection. Just click on a directory and its protected!
Member failed login attempts receive easy to understand responses and tool to retrieve member login information via email.
Automatically temporarily block large number of failed login attempts for a configurable period of time. Password-hacking protection!
Permanently ban email addresses or entire domains which you do not wish to give membership accounts to
Change administration password from administration panel
Form fields validated for accuracy
User search by Username, First Name, Last Name, or Email Address

Product Description

Account Manager is simply the only program you will ever need to manage your Membership Websites!

Account Manager Professional is now PayPal Enabled!

Account Manager Professional is now AuthorizeNet Enabled! now supported!

Account Manager Professional is now ECX Enabled!

Account Manager Professional is now WorldPay Enabled!

Product Requirements 

Web server account that has CGI capabilities
Perl 5 installed on that web server. Contact your server administrator if you are unsure.
.htaccess or .nsconfig capabilities
These are used to protect your directories. 99% of all UNIX servers include .htaccess. Not all NT server software has this capability. Contact your server administrator if you are unsure. Note: Account Manager Pro is NOT compatible with NT IIS WebServers or O'Reilly's WebSite due to this requirement. Please make sure your NT WebServer supports .htaccess or .nsconfig.
secure server not required
(recommended if providing online payment options) In order to keep your customers credit card information secure, a secure server certificate is recommended. It only needs to be available on the page which requests the customers credit card information and does not need to be on the same server as the program.
mail requirements
Account Manager requires BLAT mail for use with the NT version and Sendmail with the UNIX version in order to properly use any of the program mailing features. Account Manager also works with your SMTP mail server.
cron-tab requirements
Some of Account Manager's automated features require that you be hosted on a Unix server that will allow you to setup a user cron job that can be run once per day. If your host does not support or allow this, you will need to remember to run a script file manually once per day to achieve the same results. (If you are using an NT server, ask your hosting provider about a system called "schedule" which is similar to cron-tab)

Register Account Manager Pro
$59.00 Qty

Screen Shots | Online Demo | Reviews | Live Advisor
With OverviewTry It NowOpinionsChat Support
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Emeril Laggase

BAM! Renowned television celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse trusts his website traffic to our software!
"WOW! v2.0 is kick (excuse my words) ass! ... you can bet that we will put a link to you for affiliate/shopping cart. As a matter of fact, we are only going to link to you after seeing what you have done with v2.0. GREAT JOB!" Terry Jett Home Business Online
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