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Account Manager™ Pro

Home : Software : Account Manager Pro : Features

Automated User/Member signup
Checks your database to make sure no one else is using the requested: Username or Email address
Administration approval/denial control panel or Instant Approval/Access available, your choice
Automatic addition/deletion to .htpasswd/.nsconfig files
Confirmation e-mail sent
Form fields checked for completion
Account Finder for lost Username/Passwords
User search by Username, First Name, or Last Name
Monitor Private Area logins, automatically delete Usernames/Passwords that are being abused. Administrator sets the maximum number of IP addresses that any one account may log into your private area in any 24 hour period. This feature alone is worth more than the cost of Account Manager!
Include up to three account choices for your paying customers.
Automatic/Manual E-mailed invoicing/statements of all accounts. At the push of a button, all customer invoicingss are emailed. Account Manager remembers how much to charge each customer and bills them respectively.
Customer Invoicing/Statement logs. Keep a detailed record of all charges and payments.
Administrator automatically emailed a notice of every delinquent account. You won't have to wonder about who paid and who didn't.
Mass E-mail all customers/users from an automated form. Keep your customers/users up to date on your daily website changes.
Customizable Header and Footer information, to match your website theme and graphics.
Auto Account Expiration. Users automatically sent a courtesy email reminding them that their account will be expiring within (admin defined) number of days.
Expired Accounts are moved to a separate database, to keep the main database uncluttered, but keeps the accounts available for future re-joining of members (rejoining utility not available in present release version).
Username/Passwords of Expired Accounts are also deleted when accounts expire.
Nightly backups of both the main user database file and the htpasswd files, for security.
All configuration information is now stored on one file for easy setup and upgrades!
Account Manager now offers configurable data fields for information sent to third-party payment processors! That means Account Manager may work with your payment processor, if your processor allows information sent to them, then relays all data sent back to the program.
While we can't guarantee that Account Manager will work with your payment processor, if you contact us with the URL to your payment processor, we'll be happy to find out for you.

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