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Subscribe Me™ Lite

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Administration password requirement before entering the Mailing Form.
File Locking option to keep address.txt file from being corrupted during heavy usage.
Mail-back confirmation of mailing list subscription and removal.
"Cut and Paste" mailing form functionality for easier message sending.
Ability to "Ban" e-mail addresses and even entire domains from subscribing.
Option to send your mail as HTML or Text.
Offer your subscribers an easy one-click unsubscription link in your mailings.
Customizable HTML and E-mail responses! You decide what your subscribers see.
Browser TIMEOUT bypassed. Tested up to 200,000 emails successfully! (UNIX version only) - NT users see our Professional version
"Closing" text section for personal remarks on mailings.
Running total of both Subscribed and Banned addresses.
Improved interface. Much more attractive and easy to use.
Improved error handling! Easy to understand error responses.
Accepts new domain extensions with 4 letter extensions, such as: .info

When choosing a "shareware" mailing list management program, please keep in mind that one day, your mailing list will grow much larger and you may need a more robust solution.

Other freeware/sharware mailing list programs don't have more robust versions available to grow with your company and your lists. Choosing the right freeware/shareware version now will help ensure the grow of your business in the long run!

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